How to withdraw coins?
Payments are made automatically and you must reach the lowest payment amount to receive the Payment. These amounts vary according to the mines. If you have created a wallet through a stock market, you can receive payments in the amount supported by your stock exchange, which includes instructions in the settings section of your miner page.

PPLNS pools rewards
PPLNS(Pay Per Last N Shares) method, It is the payment method which is calculated according to the number of shares in the last N amount reaching our pools. Currently, these pools are calculated according to the latest 5000 shares.

SOLO pools rewards
In the solo payment method, all the revenue provided to the pool is transferred to the miners without dividing. This method is briefly mining alone, all the blocks for the real reward is transferred to the miners who find the block.

GUARANTEED SOLO pools rewards
In the GSOLO payment method, a full block payment is transferred to the miner even if no block is found in the actual time in which a block should be completed. Briefly, in this payment method similar to solo mining, the luck factor was completely eliminated and the monthly income was offset. The specified completion time may vary depending on network difficulty. Information on the time required for completion and block availability can be seen on the miner page.
Completion Formula: %(Shares x Pool Diff x 100 / Network Diff)


The data given here are calculated according to the rates of our mining pools. The rates of exchange and vary according to the mine's network difficulty.

Rewards of 30 day