Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid
Payments are made automatically. You need to reach the lower payment bound to get paid. The level of lower payment bound varies according to the mines. If you have created a wallet on any exchange, you can receive payment as much as the exchange supports, for this you will find the necessary instructions in the settings section of your miner page.

What is the PPLNS payment method
PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) payment method is the payment method calculated according to current N number of shares reaching our pools. Currently, calculations are made for 5000 shares in the pools.

What is the SOLO payment method
In the solo payment method, all income provided to the pool is transferred to the miner without being shared. Simply, this is mining alone yourself, for all blocks found, the real reward is transferred to the miner who finds the block.

What is Guaranteed
This is a progress award payment method, an algorithm that allows you to earn the block reward when shared and completed according to the network difficulty.

Why Guaranteed
Our algorithm, which we created in order to guarantee the income seen on Whattomine or other computing sites, is designed to ensure that miners are not affected by the number of people in the pool or their luck.

It is a payment method that pays according to the overall completion rate of the pool and sharing the payment with entire pool via PPLNS method.


The data given here are calculated according to the rates of our mining pools. The rates of exchange and vary according to the mine's network difficulty.

Rewards of 30 day